National Park Skadar lake covers an area of 40 000 ha, of which 391 kilometers square covers the lake. In 1996. Skadar lake is covered in wetlands under the Ramsar Convention – under the protection of international importance. Skadar lake is located in Zeta-Skadar valley, surrounded by the karst terrain of southeastern Albanian mountain Prokletije and Montenegrian mountains – Lovcen, Sutorman, Rumija and Tabaros, at a distance of about 7 kilometres from Adriatic sea. Two-thirds of the total area of Skadar lake is in Montenegro, and the rest is in Albania. Skadar lake shore is extremely picturesque and abounds in peninsulas and bay swampy type. Skadar lake is crypto-depression, which is supplied with water by a river Moraca, and from it stands out water to the Adriatic sea, by the lounge course of the river Bojana, which at its lower half flow makes an international border.

 The price of this excursion will be formed on your request, depending of the number of persons.




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